Air4All Runners Up at the Crystal Cabin Awards 2022.

Air4All Runners Up at the Crystal Cabin Awards 2022.

Air4All Runners Up at the Crystal Cabin Awards 2022

For the 15th time, the Crystal Cabin Award association is preparing to recognise and honour the best ideas for aircraft cabin design. Air4All is extremely thankful for the invitation to attend the awards ceremony in Hamburg.

Seeking to end limitations on flying often experienced by passengers travelling in a powered wheelchair. A new consortium Air4All, comprising Flying Disabled, PriestmanGoode, Avis Elite Consultants (supported by SWS Certification Services) and Sunrise Medical. The system allows travellers with reduced mobility to slot their wheelchair into a seating space. Achieved by folding the seat up into the backrest, offering wheelchair users a safe and easy way to travel. Especially, without being forced to move into a standard cabin seat or worrying about damage to their wheelchair in stowage. The design also features a flip-up bottom, a wheelchair attachment mechanism, guiding system and latch. SWS are confident that the complete aircraft seat will be certified and approved by obtaining a technical standards order, or a supplemental type certificate.

We are ecstatic at SWS that the Air4All consortium was selected as a finalist for the 2022 Crystal Cabin Awards. We’ve been working hard to bring more attention to an issue that is severely understated in the aviation industry, and Air4All captivates this belief. Our partners in this project have been hard at work bringing attention to our new innovative design. Recognition from the Crystal Cabin awards goes a long way in helping us realise the awareness that is being generated around accessibility and inclusion in aviation.



Air4All Concept Design

You can also find out more about Air4All and other areas of concept development at SWS here:

Other Finalists

Although disappointed not to have taken the prize, the competition was full of brilliant designs from teams around the world. We are certainly considering this as a step in the right direction for the industry. We are all confident that Air4All will emphatically contribute to an issue already gaining traction in aviation. Congratulations to fellow runners-up Airbus Operations and RECARO Aircraft Seating with their Flex OLED Kit.








Finally, offering a large applause to this years winners in the Cabin Design competition. Caeli Nova and their Cordillera emergency oxygen system that could save the aviation industry $500m and 1.2m tonnes of CO₂ annually. The design plans on opening direct routes over high terrain and increasing the duration that aircraft can fly at high altitudes.

Find out more about these designs and all the other brilliant entries this year here:


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