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SWS are proud to be featured in the April 2013 edition of Bizjet Interiors International Magazine.

The “Team Effort” article covers the certification story behind the launch of Greenpoint Technologies’ Aeroloft® and specifically the regulatory challenges that were encountered in obtaining an EASA approval for Greenpoint, a US company, designing and manufacturing the Aeroloft for use on a non-EU VIP aircraft. All of this at a time when the US/EASA bilateral agreement was coming into force.


It is unusual that any of the industry magazines focus on the issue of certification. SWS are therefore delighted that we have been featured in this way, reinforcing the company’s reputation as a DOA moving the industry forward by certifying new and innovative cabin interior products.

Bizjet Interiors International magazine is circulated to private charter operators, corporate fleet operators and multiple independent owners. It is also distributed to completion centres, design houses and of course aircraft manufacturers themselves. The April edition will also be circulated at Ebace next month in Switzerland.

Follow link to PDF article:- featuring  SWS'  support of GTI's Aeroloft program. 

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