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An important factor behind SWS' success is the commitment we make to our clients to keep their programmes to time and to budget. 

At the focal point of this process is our Programmes team, who liaise with the customer, suppliers and airframe manufacturers and are responsible for delivering projects, identifying and mitigating risks and ensuring that delivery meets the programme schedule from both a cost and time perspective.

Within the company Leanne Morris, SWS' Technical Programme Manager heads up the Programmes department. Her role is to support the company by keeping project responsible engineers informed of programme status and liaising between department managers and directors. She also supports the Office of Airworthiness, Design Office and Test Facility with programme and design reviews.

As Leanne explains:-

'A new programme usually starts off with an RFQ (Request for Quote), an SOW (Scope of Work) or a simple email from an existing/prospective customer. It is then for the Programmes team to review whether the approval required meets SWS' scope of approval. If so, a meeting takes place between Programmes and SWS' Design, Certification and Stress departments to establish the full SOW involved.'


'On completion, we will compile and issue a full client proposal outlining project certification and testing requirements, as well as critical dates and costs.'

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SWS Inter-departmental meeting to determine whether the project type meets with the company's scope of approval, as agreed with EASA. Leanne Morris, SWS' Technical Programmes Manager pictured with Programmes Engineer, Gary Shinner. Before joining the company both Leanne and Gary had previous aerospace industry experience. Leanne Morris pictured with the other SWS Heads of Department: Kev Lewis, Nigel Smith, Claire Demarquet and Phil Williams.

SWS' Programme Management process...

For example it may involve a minor change (e.g trim & finish change or minor modification,) certification testing such as flammability, static, abuse, dynamic and HIC, certification support, compiling documentation/drawings & CVE approval or an STC major change (i.e. aircraft cabin and IFE modification/installation.)On receipt of a purchase order, the Programmes team raise a contracts review checklistto determine the severity of the change required, ie:- whether it is a minor change or an STC project (major change.) Each project can vary.

Another key role of SWS' Programmes department is to represent the company at meetings with customers, airframe manufacturers and regulatory authorities. The team will also liaise with the customer to support the following:- 

  • The programme’s milestones i.e. Kick off Meeting, Initial Technical Co-ordination Meeting (ITCM), Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR,) etc. through to aircraft installation and delivery.
  • Arrange Compliance Verify Engineer (CVE) to witness certification testing i.e. flammability, static, dynamic (including HIC), environmental (D0160) and software (D0178) testing etc.
  • Compile certification documentation.
  • Maintain project and document registers, action trackers, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Maintain records for EASA, FAA or National Authority Regulations.