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SWS an EASA Part 21J DOA, is pleased to announce the further expansion of its Static Test facility in South Wales

Since its opening, the static test rig has already been approved by one of the world's leading manufacturers of aircraft cabin interior products as well as been accepted by airframe manufacturers.

The rig which is located in South Wales (just 3 hours from London on the M4 corridor) features both horizontal and vertical hydraulic rams and allows for the testing of inertia and abuse loads in every direction for test articles up to 850 kg. SWS' test engineers are experts in testing aircraft interior structures such as seating, galleys and other monuments including stowage units. The rig was developed primarily for SWS to service the needs of the aviation market; however it is envisaged that it will also be used to support the testing of products in other transport sectors. (E.g. the rail and bus seating markets).

SWS, who were established in 2004, recognised that in the airline interior industry it is usually the seating and galley manufacturers who own the Static Test Rigs. What’s more these manufacturers tend to use their facilities exclusively to support their own product development programmes and carry out the testing necessary to meet the required approval standards. However there seemed to be a distinct gap in the market for an independent Static test facility to support other industry players in particular smaller manufacturers and integrator organisations.

SWS’ Structures Engineering Manager, Claire Demarquet explains:

“It was for this reason that SWS developed their Static Test Rig. It is a resource that some manufacturers can use to support their own operations- for example if they have capacity issues; however it can also be used by OEMs who do not have in-house testing. In the past, smaller seating manufacturers may have had to use the facilities of their larger competitors which obviously compromised their product confidentiality and their company’s competitive positions.”


SWS’ additional services include the compilation of test plans, reports, structural analysis (stress reports, FE analysis), cyclic testing and specific aircraft seating testing such as pitch and roll/SRP. Through their approved list of testing partners, SWS are also able to offer clients environmental, flammability and dynamic seat testing.

Press release issued by SWS Certification Services Ltd, January 2013

Contact: Sally Rawles, Marketing and Business Development Manager.

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