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SWS have previously worked with Cobalt Aerospace to provide EASA minor change approval for the installation of Spectrum on an Airbus narrow body aircraft.

Spectrum, the world’s first RGBW drop-in solution, gives airline operators a class-leading feature, set in the lightest package, with the lowest power consumption. It is the best and most cost effective way to realise the benefits of LED lighting technology in aviation today.

Shortly after the first approval was obtained, Cobalt Aerospace received an enquiry from a major Asian/ Pacific airline to incorporate Cobalt Spectrum onto their Airbus A330 wide body aircraft.

The big challenge to this second programme was that the minor change approval would be required within 4 weeks. This would include supporting a ground test of the system for the demonstration of compliance whilst the aircraft was in for scheduled maintenance at an MRO facility; this involved a timescale of 4 weeks from receipt of the RFQ to the issue of the Minor Change Approval. No small task!

'Breath-taking' result as airline sees SWS incorporate Cobalt's product onto their Airbus A330 wide body aircraft and obtain approval within 4 weeks...

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SWS are delighted to announce that the installation, ground testing, certification and Minor Change Approval has been completed and the paperwork issued to the customer.

The installation went particularly well, supported by SWS' Kev Lewis in the capacity of CVE and test witness for the ground test, and Dan Rust as a representative of the POA and design house, Cobalt Aerospace. The assigned crew from the MRO quickly picked up the hang of the removal of the existing lighting system and replacing it with the new LED system, completing the installation in a single shift.

(SWS' Kev Lewis is pictured handing over the minor change approval certificate to Cobalt's Dan Rust earlier this year.)


SWS' CVE & Design and Certification Engineer, Kev Lewis explains...

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'Once installed, the overall effect of the coloured tubes was breath-taking; the customer had chosen their tailored colour scheme for sidewall and ceiling lights, with different colours for the DIM 1 and DIM 2 modes. The flexibility of the system was further highlighted by the selection of different colour settings for the economy and premium cabins.

With a choice of over 16 million colours to choose from, the hues were absolutely spot on! Light wash was consistent throughout the cabin in all modes of operation and the soft transition between the modes of operation was another feature well received by the customer. Overall, we left a very pleased customer to their new, clean and bright cabin environment.

In summary, a new, innovative product, retro-fitted on a twin aisle wide body aircraft type, fitted with the Airbus proprietary Enhanced Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS), for a new market notoriously difficult to break into; 4 weeks from the initial enquiry for the new aircraft type to it actually flying away with the system on board.

I don’t think many other DOA/POA collaborations could deliver such an effective product & certification solution in such a short space of time.'