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sws260516 05copy.110624SWS' South Wales Test Facility provides aircraft/ rail and automotive interior organisations with world-class testing all year round in a wide range of areas. All testing complies with industry standards and is offered at a competitive price.

The facility which includes hydraulic static test, delethalization and cyclic test rigs as well as pitch & roll, load, deflection and data acquisition equipment, allows SWS to perform testing for interiors including seating, galleys, lavatories and electro/mechanical equipment including avionics housing structures.

Tests can be carried out to specific clients’ specifications and we are happy to project manage further testing, (e.g environmental, flammability, dynamic and electrical) through our approved test houses.The results can be used to support our stress and structures reports and we can complete further analysis and certification, as required.

Static testing at SWS' South Wales Facility...Members of SWS' Test Team...Dynamic Testing for Aircraft Seating...

Continued Expansion for SWS' Test Facility...

sws260516 092.114611Since its opening in 2012, the rig has been approved by both Boeing and Airbus airframe manufacturers as well as some of the world's leading manufacturers of aircraft cabin interiors.

The data used from the tests can help support the qualification of new or modified aircraft, rail and automotive interior products. The test facility is regularly audited by EASA to ensure it complies with the regulations for aircraft interiors. As regards automotive and other wheeled transport, we ensure compliance with the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) manual of tests & criteria, regulation 17 Rev.5 - the approval of vehicles with regard to seats, their anchorages and head restraints. On rail interiors, our testing complies with the railway standard: GM/RT 2100 Issue 5 - Requirements for Railway Vehicles Structures.

SWS' Static Test Rig features horizontal and vertical hydraulic rams, allowing the testing of inertia loads and abuse loads in every direction for test articles up to 1000kg.

In June this year, SWS announced the introduction of its Delethalization Rig. The rig which can accommodate seats, seat shells, credenzas and monuments enables the company to offer the capability to demonstrate compliance with §25.785 and FAA Memorandum ANM-03-115-31 for blunt trauma and sharp edges.

SWS' Test & Development Manager, Kyle Jones who heads up the Test Facility says:-

'SWS pride ourselves on giving a world-class testing and design evaluation service. The facility has traditionally serviced the Aircraft Interiors industry but is also available for non-aerospace projects. It is particularly relevant to the rail & automotive sectors.'

Why SWS?...

  • SWS have extensive experience, capability and flexibility to provide your business with unrivalled test services.
  • We have our own world-class static and delethalization rigs in South Wales and existing clients include some of the leading market players.
  • Our portfolio of approved test partners (including environmental, flammability, dynamic and electrical test facilities) is continually expanding.
  • SWS are experts in providing electrical equipment, hardware and software qualification in accordance with EUROCAE ED14/ RTCA DO-160, EUROCAE ED12/ RTCA DO-178 and EUROCAE ED80/ RTCA DO-254 requirements.

SWS Test Facility Location...

The facility is located on the M4 corridor in South Wales, just 3 hours from London.