Cabin Interiors

SWS have an Industry-Leading Understanding of Aircraft Cabin Interiors

SWS Have Unrivalled Cabin Interiors Knowledge and Regulatory Understanding. 

Few companies have as broad a scope to support the aircraft interiors industry as SWS. Our scope of work allows us to obtain approvals whether it be for a UKCAA STC, for a new product, a minor design change or repair.

Over the last 20 years SWS have time and again demonstrated our certification expertise on working on Cabin Interiors. We have issued dozens of minor changes and STC’s in this area and have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements around cabin interior modifications under UKCAA, EASA, FAA and NZCAA.

The Product…

SWS was commissioned by Airtanker Limited to certify a cabin reconfiguration with Thompson Aerospace Vantage XL Seats. This included avionic changes to the PSU’s, IFE, cabin Décor and seating as well as many other aspects of the Aircraft cabin.  We would also need to consider structural elements of this change, other monuments in the cabin and how our certification path would consider this.

Certifying a cabin reconfiguration is a large-scale project that pulls on structural, electrical, mechanical disciplines making full use of SWS’ scope of approval, experience and understanding.

The Challenge…

This project was a major cabin reconfiguration with many different features. One of the most challenging aspects of projects like this, is how all of the changes we make will interact with each other. SWS where tasked with certification, substantiation, and electrical analysis of each individual feature which can be a long and a complex process.

On top of that, we also knew we’d need to perform certification testing. When dealing with new seat designs and certifying these designs the testing requirements can be strenuous. As part of this STC we performed, passed and reported Structural testing, HIIC testing, flammability testing and would also be needed on the cabin monuments.

The Outcome…

An Airtanker/SWS collaboration allowed for this design to be installed on their aircraft. This is now used on several of the Airbus Fleet for VIP use.

The aircraft change is also now on the main fleet and has been adapted to provide an enhanced cabin experience for the secure and official transport of senior ministers and members of the Royal Family.

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