We Specialise In Airworthiness Approvals for Aircraft Interiors

Regulatory Expertise

Organisations from all over the world come to SWS for our specialist regulatory knowledge relating to Aircraft Interiors. Our certification team is experienced in obtaining UKCAA and other national authority approvals.

  • We are fully accredited with the required regulatory approvals
  • We have excellent relationship with UKCAA and other national regulatory bodies.
  • We are experienced in dealing with Major OEMS such as Airbus / Boeing / Agusta & McDonnell Douglas, also have the technical experience to deal with other fleet types.
  • SWS have pioneered some of the latest certification standards in service today.
  • Mechanical and electrical approvals are available from one source.
  • We have CVEs in many disciplines.
  • We are the preferred DOA for many airlines and OEMs around the world.

Why Chose SWS?

At SWS, we believe that Certification can help strengthen and progress innovation – not stand in its way. Our range of certification engineers and CVE’s (Compliance Verified Engineers) have a vast knowledge and understanding of certification requirements and regulatory conditions under the UKCAA, EASA, NZCAA and the FAA. As well as other international aviation regulatory bodies. SWS have a history of approving designs that other DOA’s did not deem possible, through our close work with the UKCAA SWS are confident that if there is a viable route to certifying your product or design that we can make it into a reality.

SWS offer a diverse range of certification support – we can act as a DOA on your product and support with testing, design, manufacturing and even concept development. Our expertise covers a large range of areas such as Lighting Systems, Cabin Interiors, Seating, Systems and Equipment, Galleys, Lavs and Monuments, VIP Utilities, IFE and Rotorcraft.

If you already have a DOA but could use some support in a specialist area – SWS are also happy to work under another DOA’s authority. We’ve taken on many programmes in this way to support with testing or manage a small part of a larger project.

When it comes to certification, there are few companies that can offer a more experienced and tailormade certification journey than SWS. For more information, or to contact us about supporting you visit our Contact Us page and reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!


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