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We Provide A Complete Design Service


Our in-house capability includes a range of mechanical, electrical engineering design and drafting services. These services provide good design support for our internal electrical/mechanical programmes as well as for independent external client projects. SWS have extensive experience and capability providing design solutions for simple aircraft modifications as well as complete cabin reconfigurations.

SWS are pleased to work with some of the world’s best design houses, from the airlines or OEM’s own in-house departments to design consultancies nominated by our clients.

SWS are approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA) and work hard to maintain our DOA (Design Organisation Approval) status. The company is regularly audited to ensure SWS continue to offer the approval and safety standards required by UKCAA and expected by our customers.


Through our collaboration with high quality conceptual design organisations like Solis Design, factorydesign, JPA and Priestman Goode we believe that SWS offers something quite unique to the aircraft interiors industry. It aims to provide a combined conceptual design and certification service for cabin interior programmes for both the large and small aircraft and rotorcraft markets.

The combination of SWS’ engineering and certification capabilities and these design houses’ ability to innovate and challenge convention, SWS believe offers our customers a new approach, allowing them to meet the constant need to improve cabin interior products through innovative but certifiable design.

At SWS, we firmly believe that the Aircraft Interior design process has to take account of certification/airworthiness considerations in the early stages, in order to be successful and meet our clients’ expectations. We also believe that certification must not stifle design creativity but become an integral part of the design process.

By SWS and our design partners collaborating we are able to provide a complete service which we believe better supports the Aircraft Interiors Industry. This is already bringing considerable benefits to some of our clients’ projects; where designs which are presented at concept stage are more likely to be achievable, identifying key risks therefore helping to adhere to agreed budgets and timescales with no costly surprises later.

“The expertise and knowledge of SWS Certification Services has assisted Thompson Aero Seating to gain ETSO and UK TSO’s approval for our Vantage seats, as well as providing follow up data to enable seat installations via STC. They are fully worthy of their reputation for competence and quality of service.” – Thompson Aero Seating

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