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SWS boast an Award-Winning skill set in the area of Galleys, Lavs and Monuments – with many previous programmes utilising our experience and knowledge to get tricky designs certified and installed. The Aeroloft design, involved some complicated barriers but by managing conversations with different regulatory bodies and organisations we were able to nail down a set of requirements that would allow the Aeroloft to become an operational suite in the ceiling of an aircraft.

The Product…

The Aeroloft™ provides customers with usable volume in the aircraft overhead area on the Boeing 747-8 VIP, by removing the forward transverse bunk from the OEM overhead crew rest (OCR) and installing the Aeroloft™.

The Aeroloft™ provides customers with a designates rest area for VIP passenger use as desired. The individual modules for this aircraft configured as follows:

  • Staircase (upper and lower module),
  • Entry Vestibule (staircase, landing and Flight Attendant Station),
  • Berth Modules (berth configuration will vary through customisation)
  • Adapter module serves to connect the Aeroloft™ (berth modules)

The Challenge…

The design and installation will be approved in two phases, via an EASA STC (Phase I) and Major Change to the STC (Phase II) by SWS Certification Services (SWS),

  • Installation of the finished Aeroloft™ interior including décor, bulkheads, cabinetry, curtains, lighting, flight attendant seat and panel, oxygen drop units, smoke detectors, PA speakers, auxiliary lighting, air gaspers, crew use power outlets.
  • Installation of the Aeroloft™ ECS system utilizing the aircraft ECS’ no trim’ riser duct air supply for the conditioned air supply, gasper air and connection to the Aeroloft™ modules.
  • Mechanical installation of the main deck, centre-line ceiling wash light system under the Aeroloft™ berths.
  • Localized Aeroloft™ system wiring provisioned to disconnects to enable system integration with final aircraft interior configuration.
  • Localized Aeroloft™ system functionality testing including lighting, oxygen, attendant call, smoke detectors, ECS, ordinance signs, outlets etc.

The Outcome…

The Aeroloft Programme was a difficult task and represented many firsts for not only SWS Certification, but also for the wider aviation industry. However, after pulling from all of our experience and discussing at length with regulatory governing bodies (such as EASA),  we were able to approve the Aeroloft for Greenpoint Technologies – an organisation we are still working 10 years on from the Aeroloft approval.

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