Lighting Systems

We can certify even the most ground-breaking designs.

SWS has considerable experience in certifying and installing of all kinds of cabin equipment, including the very latest in ’plug and play’ LED cabin lighting.


We have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with aircraft avionics and lighting systems ranging from cabin mood lighting to photoluminescent floor path lighting.  We also have experience certifying indication lighting on cabin seating to help the crew manage passengers on board. Whether it be for a relaxed, and stylish cabin or reliable lighting solutions for emergency scenarios we are confident we can meet your certification needs.

The  World’s First ‘Drop In’  Full Colour LED Cabin Lighting Solution

The Product…

Cobalt Aerospace ‘Spectrum’ is the world’s first ‘Drop-In’ full colour RGBW (with Red, Green, Blue, and White) LED cabin lighting solution.

Cobalt’s lighting offers a 60% weight and 70% power saving compared to the original equipment. Cobalt Spectrum comprises LED light units that directly replace the existing fluorescent based main cabin lighting units and is designed to be tailored to suit each operators branding.


The Challenge…

  • Certifying the installation of the Cobalt Aerospace LED Cabin Lighting System (CLS) to be fully interchangeable with the existing Diehl Aerospace Ballast Units on the A330 series aircraft.
  • No alteration to the existing aircraft wiring, cabin lighting control systems or structural mounting hardware.
  • As part of the replacement, the Diehl Aerospace ballast units and the associated fluorescent tubes are completely removed and replaced with the Cobalt Aerospace LED.

The Outcome…

With SWS’ support, Cobalt Spectrum is now certified and available for installation on the Airbus A320, A330 and A340 aircraft.

The replacement system provides a weight and power reduction over the existing ballast based fluorescent tube system. Providing a good-looking, money saving solution.

The LED CLS is designed to be fully interchangeable [both mechanically and electrically] with the existing lighting system; therefore, the CLS utilises the existing cabin lighting power and circuit control wiring.

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