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SWS’ Electrical System Support

SWS also has considerable knowledge and experience supporting electrical system suppliers and airframe manufacturers with approvals for their electrical and avionic systems. We have been involved in many programmes involving IFE, seating and electrical actuators, PCUs, cushion comfort systems [e.g. Lumbar, massage], reading and ambient ‘mood’ lighting. We are conversant with RTCA-DO178 and DO160 requirements as well as those of CS/FAR 25.1309, Boeing and Airbus which enables us to support both hardware and software qualification.

Our scope for supporting with avionics and systems modifications is excellent and SWS can competently work through your certification requirements and needs whilst providing a great, high quality service…as our testimonials support!

The Product…

Virgin had a clear need to upgrade its fleet of A340-312 aircraft. This involved the installation of a new IFE system in 2 seat variants: – the modification of the existing Business Class seats and the replacement of the Economy Class seats modified to take a new seat back monitor.

The Challenge…

Panasonic Avionics Corporation, as the OEM for the IFE system, selected SWS as a part 21J design organisation to approve design changes and repairs to the interiors of aircraft.

SWS were also responsible for the detailed design of the installation attachments to the seats, such as monitor mounts and shrouds, as well as the electronic units and harnesses under the seats.

As part of this we would need to consider the change to the electrical systems on each seat – involving EWIS, ELA, Wiring Diagrams, and an update the Aircraft Wiring Manual – amongst other things. All which SWS can complete in-house with our talented certification team.

The Outcome…

SWS delivered its part of the project obtaining an EASA and FAA approval under the bilateral agreement. We completed this programme on a tight timeframe and achieved the approval with very little feedback from the regulatory bodies.

This was a large success for our customer and another avionics programme completed by SWS. This programme also involved modifying the seat on this aircraft to accommodate the new IFE system being put in. Cabin Interiors seating and IFE/Avionics are some of SWS’ strongest areas. We have since worked on similar products – involving the removal of seats, remapping of IFE and integrating new systems into the seats to optimise passengers experience whilst flying with our customers.

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